Pwll Du Bay

Pwll Du Bay is a small secluded beach on the south coast of Gower. Pwll Du is a very distinctive sand and shingle beach covered in stones and boulders.
It is one of the more remote beaches and is not easily accessible by car. you can get there via via the valley bottom or steep bridleways on either side, creating beautiful walks through the Gower countryside.

Pwll Du, which means “Black Pool” in Welsh is steeped in local history. There is a nearby gully called Grave’s End marked by a circle of limestone rocks. A number of people from a shipwreck that was found on the bay were buried in this gully. The ship was the Caesar which was wrecked on the beach on 28 November 1760.

The beach is owned by National Trust.
Postcode: SA3 3HA.
Accessible by Bus: Bus 14 (Mon-Sat) or 114 (Sun) from Quadrant Bus Station. Bus stops at Kittle where footpath starts.
Accessible by Car: Long walk from point where you can leave a car
Accessible by Foot: long walk from bus stop or Bishopston village.
Green coast award