Limeslade Bay

Limeslade BayLimeslade Bay is a small bay surrounded by cliffs with a pebble and sand cove, just to the west of Bracelet Bay in the south east corner of the Gower Peninsula. It is a sheltered, mainly rocky beach with little sand. Bathing is possible. Excellent refreshment facilities as well as a children’s play area are nearby. There is a car park in the adjacent Bracelet Bay. From Limeslade Bay there is a cliff walk to Langland Bay, about half a mile to the west.

There is an iron mine at the head of the bay, near the roadside. This is believed to have been worked from Roman times. It is now closed and sealed off. The bay has a varied and different geology from that of the neighbouring Bracelet Bay.

This is one of the many ‘slades’ one finds in Gower – small valleys or dells, usually opening on to the sea.

Key Information for Limeslade Bay:

Postcode: SA3 4JT
Accessible by Bus
Accessible by Car: few minutes drive from Mumbles
Accessible by Foot: steps to the beach
Car park: Pay & Display at Bracelet Bay
Dog Ban: between May and September
Family Friendly
Green coast award
Seaside award beach
Toilets: at Bracelet Bay, including accessible toilet