Welcome to our activities section on Swansea Pages. There is plenty to do in the area, indoors or outdoors. Not only the obvious choice, watersports (given the vast sands of Swansea Bay) but many other activities are available.

You might want to swap your four wheels for two and have a go at cycling. There are quite a few routes to choose from, no matter if you are an experienced cyclist or just remembered it as a childhood activity and feel you should dig your old bike out again.

Maybe you enjoy the nature around you … Swansea is not just city, the Gower Peninsula and the Lower Swansea Valley offer some stunning scenery.

Enjoy Fishing? No fish tastes as good as the one you caught yourself. There is not only the shoreline for sea fishing, you can also enjoy fishing for bream and carp in local ponds, lakes and fisheries.

Like Golf? Horse Riding? Outdoor Adventure? Skydiving? Paintballing? All this and more can be enjoyed in the Swansea area – please come back and find out as we add relevant information over time.